Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Marketing depends on different factors and can't go according to a universal plan. Task prioritization will help direct marketing efforts towards the desired result. Use frameworks to improve marketing efficiency.


Metrics for optimizing funnel of product growth.

  • Acquisition—arrives from marketing channels telling about the product.
  • Activation—visitors converted into active users (e.g. passes onboarding).
  • Retention—users returning to use the product.
  • Referral—people spreading the word about the product.
  • Revenue—convert active users into paying customers.
AARRR Prioritization
AARRR Prioritization

What to do first for optimizing product growth funnel.

  1. Transform AARRR steps into scoring criteria for Weighted Scoring Matrix.
  2. Decide on criteria weights to focus on specific goals more. E.g. Retention is more important now.
  3. Decide on the score scale. E.g. estimates in affected users or just scores from 1 to 5.
  4. Add Effort Criterion with negative weight to consider development.
  5. Prioritize all product related tasks with scores for all tasks by each AARRR step.

AARRR score = A(Score x Weight) + A(S x W) + R(S x W) + R(S x W) + R(S x W) - Effort (score x weight)

Content Idea Prioritization
Content Idea Prioritization

Produce content that gain you more qualified visitors.

Describe content ideas sufficiently:
  1. Brief idea, draft title, article message, supporting materials.
  2. Research keywords: Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume. Use Ahrefs or SEMrush, etc.
  3. Link to similar article for SEO reference.
Evaluate with Weighted Scoring:
  1. Competence. Do we have enough experience, materials, and data to create quality content?
  2. Time. How much time will it take?
  3. Search Volume. Estimated Search Volume.
  4. Difficulty. Average keyword difficulty.
  5. Frequency. How often do customers mention the topic?

Evaluate each task with 1—10 scale for prioritizing initiatives.

  • Impact: Moves a user across the AARRR funnel.
    Scored: 1—minimal impact; 10—massive impact.
  • Confidence: Conviction warranting the feature build out.
    Scored: 1—not sure it works; 10—must work out.
  • Ease: Work required for the feature delivery.
    Scored: 1—26 weeks+; 10—< 1 week.

Total Score = (Impact + Confidence + Ease) / 3


Plan and analyze the complex sequence of inter-related multichannel marketing activities.

Map each marketing channel activity by:
  • Reach—effectiveness of the attraction to your site.
  • Engage—customers or prospects interaction with your brand.
  • Activate—actions customers take on your website.
  • Nurture—encouragement to return to your site and consume more content.

How to choose a prioritization framework?

Not sure what to choose? Download our prioritization frameworks guide with questions, examples and useful links. Explore it in hi-res PNG, PDF or interactive Miro Board.