Changelog for Product Updates with Analytics

Changelog for Product Updates with Analytics. A build-in widget for announcements your users and visitors.

  • Announcement widget
  • Notification bubble
  • Reading analytics

Install in a couple of minutes, and get everything for the proper announcements toolbox. Check our detailed documentation.

Reading Analytics

Sometimes feature announcements can be missed, even by users who requested that feature. With Ducalis announcements analytics, you'll get the exact list of your users who read your announcements.

Drive feature awareness to 100%—return customers who abandoned product without the convenient feature.

Schedule a demo for a customer success manager to delight your most valuable users who missed the feature with a personal demo.

Email Capture Form

Easy to capture the list of subscribers who care about your net features. They are the most loyal and innovative users you have.

Digest With Updates

Notify your users about new features, and involve them in the discussions about upcoming features.

Cross-Device User Tracking (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) provides a seamless feedback experience by automatically authenticating your users with their existing accounts.

Make changelog and voting board a part of your product. Identify who of your users read updates. Map feature requests with your actual users, not just anonymous visitors.

Your Brand, Language, Login-less

Personalize it! Your customers can use a customized interface branded with your company's color theme and logo.

No need to create an extra account. Embed Ducalis Voting Boards into your product to let existing users add their ideas without login.

Even More

Customization, Localization, Integrations, Tagging, Private Announcements

Very Bottom Gradient

Try 2-way Sync With Your Task Tracker