Why choose Ducalis over Craft.io?

If you’re looking for a prioritization tool that lets you align your team around what is important then Ducalis.io is for you. Although Craft.io can be great for teams that look for a one-in-all solution for project management, it lacks the functionality of specialization such as team alignment and collaborative prioritization. Ducals.io will take care of this and much more for you so you can focus on what is important - getting the right things done!

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Ducalis.io overview

Ducalis.io is a simple and quick platform for collaborative prioritization and keeping your team aligned on the most important tasks. It ensures that every team member’s opinion is heard and valued, so every team member feels empowered as they are involved in the process. This allows you to build a shared understanding within your team. Ducalis.io has a team alignment grid that allows you to identify exactly where your team has disagreements. It displays discrepancies in scores so that you may focus on problematic areas. 

Craft.io overview

Craft.io is a start-to-finish, agile product management tool that helps companies find new ideas, develop story maps, collaborate on projects, and prototype products. It is mainly used for building roadmaps, story maps, specs, and capacity tracking.

Comparison Table 



Free Plan

- Unlimited voters
- Unlimited user's ideas added

1 user
1 prioritization framework
1 prioritization team
2 priority boards
Unlimited issues
Sync Issues Ducalis ← Task Tracker
No Free Plan

Entry-Level Pricing

$8 user/month
(with annual contract)

$39 user/month
(with annual contract)

Prioritization and planning

Approach to prioritization

Built for teams

Eliminates HIPPO effect

Has collaborative Prioritization

Poker Planning (team evaluation alignment)

Built for a single-person decision making

Available Frameworks

A wide variety of prioritization is available such as RICE, ICE, REAN, WSJF, etc.

Several prioritization frameworks are available such as WSJF, RICE, and MoSCoW method.

Can build and customize your own framework

Yes, you can easily customize an existing template and its criteria or build your own tailored to your needs.

Yes, you can build your own framework and customize it but it's complicated.

Task Tracker Integrations

How flexible is integration?

Real-time two-way issues sync with Real-time issue content update

One way import into Craft.io without future updates

How is it aligned with existing project / issue tracking stack?

No need to switch tools as Ducalis expands the capability of your existing tools.

Forces you to switch tools from your current task tracker in order to use it.

Native (built by the vendor) task tracker support

Jira Cloud

Jira Server
(for all user, incl. free)

Pivotal Tracker





Yandex Tracker




+ Zapier

Jira Cloud

Jira Server
(for enterprise plans only)

Pivotal Tracker








Azure DevOps

+ Zapier

Feature Request Tracking

Feedback portal where users can request product features



Public Roadmap



Feature request and public roadmap customization



Connect your domain

Auth SDK for your users



Only at *.craft.io domain

Separate login from your product

Minimum pricing for Public Roadmap

From $0

From $109 / user / month

Overal User Experience

User experience for day to day usage

Easy to learn, master, and teach your colleagues.

Very steep learning curve and takes a long time to get your colleagues on board. Complex UX/UI and too feature bloated.

Blazing fast. High page responsiveness. Every page loads instantly.

Very slow. Can get clunky. Have to wait 2-3 sec for each page load.

Ducalis.io Key Features

Collaborative prioritization

A key advantage of Ducalis.io is that it allows you to involve your entire team in prioritization and thus, the decision-making process. Pick your prioritization model such as RICE, ICE, REAN, WSJF, etc., or build your own one. Customize the criteria based on your needs then invite your team members to collectively evaluate each and every task. This allows you to collect diverse opinions, and give everyone a chance to be heard. As a result, your team feels empowered and involved.


Team alignment grid and reports

This unique feature allows you to identify areas of alignment and misalignment among your team members. The degree of alignment is calculated based on the way each team member evaluated a certain criterion. The discrepancy in the scores indicates a problematic area that requires additional focus and attention to avoid misunderstandings.

Team Alignment

Print Planning and Score Expiration

This function aids in dynamically assessing the importance of issues. You can divide down the project into sprints and cycles, then reevaluate the priority of tasks in light of changing external circumstances. As a result, your team is always engaged and brainstorming new ideas.

Spring length

Question section

If there is anything unclear about an issue, the best way to clear it up is to ask questions. Each issue has its own section in Ducalis.io where you may ask and receive questions from your colleagues. You may also see all of the questions that your team is debating, giving you a better idea of what's going on, and you can participate in the debate should you desire. This helps to create a shared understanding within your teams!

Merge user feedback with your backlog

Collect user's feedback with User Voting Board.

Customer centric product development. Engage your most loyal user. Share your ideas from backlog to gather user's feedback with Public description.

Collect user's suggestions. Add as a new ideas or merge with your existing from your backlog.

Place your users' opinion in front of your development team.

Remove a gap between customer needs and backlog ideas

Real-time 2-way sync with your task tracker

No tool switching: Ducalis.io allows you to work on the same data all in one place with no tool switching. There will be no more manually duplicated spreadsheets. Ducalis will collect instant issue updates from the task tracker in real-time without page reloads. You can connect Ducalis.io with Jira, Asana, Trello, and many other trackers. If you are using Jira and would like to export your backlog to Google spreadsheets for prioritization, or are looking for an alternative to Google sheets, read more here!



Visual roadmaps: Craft.io allows you to create clear and visual roadmaps for your teams. You can then easily share these roadmaps with your teams and stakeholders. The roadmaps have a well-designed timeline view that is very useful for timeline tracking.

visual roadmap

Story mapping: Craft.io provides the users with the ability to create clear and informative story maps. Story-mapping allows you to construct a logical, visual backlog that everyone understands by organizing your user goals, activities, and user stories.

story mapping

Spec Editor: Multiple templates are available on craft.io to assist you in creating thorough product specs that accurately reflect what you're building. You can also create your own templates from scratch. Without leaving the Editor, you may add wireframes to specifications, annotate them, collect feedback, and collaborate with your colleagues.

Capacity Planning craft.io can help you manage your resources and commit to what you can build through their capacity planner. Availability can be adjusted as the sprint estimates shift or features evolve. You can analyze the availability and allocation of resources across numerous teams and capabilities.

Verdict and Recommendations


This is the best choice for you if:

  • You are looking for specialized prioritization software that is fast and reliable.
  • You want an intuitive and easily understandable UI.
  • You need real-time 2-way synchronization with your favorite task tracker.
  • You want to empower your team through collaborative evaluation and prioritization
  • You want to build a shared understanding within your teams.
  • You want a tool to help you align your team and spot problematic areas through the team alignment grid/report feature. 


This is the best choice for you if:

  • You need a tool for work capacity tracking. 
  • You need to build roadmaps and story maps.
  • You need to build product specs and share them.

Wrap Up 

You may be wondering why Ducalis.io doesn’t have tools for capacity tracking, roadmap, building, and product specs. The answer is simple, Ducalis.io doesn’t force you to switch from your existing tools, instead complements them. Most existing task tracking tools such as Jira allow you to build road maps and track capacity. Therefore, you can do all the prioritization in Ducalis.io and push the changes into custom fields in your existing tool with real-time back sync. As a result, there is no doubling or overlapping of data and work. The same applies to product spec since you probably already have a tool for this or you can use Notion or Confluence which can be connected through links.