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Nice design for any screen. Customize look and feel to reflect your band. Connect custom domain.

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Level up your product with feature request tracking

Engage users with backlog planning by letting Voting Boards gather feedback and feature requests into the public roadmap.

Remove a gap between customer needs and backlog ideas

Having well-structured user feedback is essential to make the right product decisions. By introducing Voting Boards we encourage the product teams to be more open to customer requests.

We believe that both product and your user sides are finally in the same boat because their achievements depend on each other's success.

Prioritize your ideas and requests

It’s not easy to choose what to do next. Prioritize all types of ideas you have. Apply any popular prioritization framework to your backlog and customers requests. Use our prebuilt templates like: RICE, ICE, WSJF, REAN, AARRR or build your own.

Keep in the loop with your project updates

Never miss a new request, comment. Update users with how it’s going on a particular feature development.

This approach reveals the company's openness to users and the impact of their ideas on development priorities.

It creates a connection with each user, and you can reach them out for clarifications, show a demo first, or update with the feedback.

As an agile coach and scrum master, I push product managers towards such product development approaches.

Roman Khlon, Scrum Master at VESPIA

Collect product feedback faster
Collaborate with customers as a team
Prioritize to reduce resource waste

Works out of the box

Make informed product decisions by involving your customers in the backlog management process.

Public roadmap

Share your backlog as an interactive board with creating, voting, and sorting features.
Collect votes for feature requests

Every user can 1 to 10 vote to each entity in the backlog expressing their willingness to prioritize this entity.
Speak your user's language

Automatic language detection for each visitor.
Inform customers about the upcoming changes

Enable automatic notifications for the engaged users about their requests' changes.
Slack integration

Be in the loop with customer requests. Follow the beat of new upvotes.
Customize look & feel

Make a voting board a part of your brand. Use your domain name, colors, logo, etc.

Feature Request Tracking

Get an endless flow of ideas generated by the most adopted customers. Users are keen to feel heard with their suggestions. So let them impact directly on the beloved product, and be ready to benefit.

Prioritize requests

Consider the most upvoted suggestions and prioritize your backlog. Add the chosen ones into your team's roadmap.

Your Brand, Language, Login-less

Personalize it! Your customers can use a customized interface branded with your company's color theme and logo.

No need to create an extra account. Embed Ducalis Voting Boards into your product to let existing users add their ideas without login.

Involve users

Gather inputs and track them publicly. Let your customers vote for the feature or do it on behalf of the supporters.

Push to Develop

Streamline your development. After the desired user feature is prioritized, and you are ready to make it live → merge it, link, or push to a task tracker with just a click.

Integrates with
Rice Framework
Spreadsheets, and more.

Private Voting

Collect feedback only from a limited number of users. Manage internal feedback from your team. Control who can access your roadmap and suggest ideas.

Embedded Changelog

Inform users about new features right inside your product. Capture emails of the most loyal users and keep them in the loop with features you are working on.

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Native real-time sync with the popular project management tools

Merge customer feedback with your product backlog. Launch the direct flow of winning feature requests into your task prioritization software.
Rice Framework
A thorough prioritisation approach is a must for tech startups, however, it is not easy to find the right software tool to support it. I have tried a few over the years and Ducalis is the first one that ticks all the boxes for me: no-fuss implementation, easy to use, and enthusiastically embraced by the whole multi-disciplinary team. Support is top-notch too, and despite Appjobs being a small startup, we always feel looked after and got a response in due time.
Pablo Asensio, Growth Consultant
My role is a Delivery Manager. We use Jira as a basic project management tool. Evaluating and prioritizing in Jira is highly inconvenient. Particularly if there are lots of projects, our three teams can’t decide what to manage first. In that case, Ducalis is very helpful. Jira is clunky, slow, and hard to use. Nimble and fast Ducalis lets you decide on what to do next quickly.
Artem Voronov, Delivery Manager
I love Ducalis - I find it so useful for helping prioritize tasks from the little niggly ones that need to be done to much bigger projects. I integrate Ducalis with Asana where my tasks are held. It's been such a help as otherwise, my Asana is just an ongoing list of things to do. Thank you for making it :)
Alison Wood, Director & Founder


∙ What team at my company should use Voting Boards?
∙ Do our external users need to create an account?
∙ Is the Voting Boards tool optimized for mobile users?
∙ How secure is the Voting Boards tool?

Product management professionals and marketers rely on Voting Boards to understand customer needs. They manage ideas and filter them out by prioritizing backlog using both users’ and team’s effort. Sure, you can invite others as well. We do. Try out, it’s fun!

Voting Boards provide a loginless path for your audience. Reduce hustle for your users. No need to sign up again if they visited a board from your app.

The Voting Boards tool is optimized and ready to use on mobile devices.

Communication between your browser and the Voting Boards is secured via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). Information you send or get through the site is private. Your and your users’ data is secured using an encryption-based Internet security protocol.

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Use feature requests and product feedback smarter

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