Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


A team can't be productive when it has no shared understanding. Lack of proper communication destroys corporate culture and business performance. Team alignment on goals and free flow of information is the key to success.

Silo Mentality
Silo Mentality

Unwillingness to share information/knowledge between employees or across different departments within a company.

Begins with competition among senior managers.

  • Poor workflow.
  • Efficiency reduction.
  • Corporate culture damage.
  • Customer experience deterioration.
  • Practice collective knowledge-sharing.
  • Company-wide software tracking the goals.
  • Hold inter-departmental events.
  • Consider altering the compensation structure.
Team Alignment
Team Alignment

Team agreement on the organization's goals and on the process of allocating resources.

Communicate strategy to the team by:
  • One Page Strategic Plan—Planning Pyramid that graphically conveys how values, purposes, targets, goals, actions, schedules, and accountabilities align.
  • Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal—a long-term (10-25-year) goal guided by core values and purpose.
Establishing the communication rhythm by:
  1. Short Daily Huddle.
  2. Weekly Meeting.
  3. Monthly Management Meeting.
  4. Quarterly and Annual Planning Meeting.
  • Improved productivity, performance, communication.
  • Higher motivation and morale; lower rates of staff turnover.
  • Faster decision-making; adaptivity to changing markets.

How to choose a prioritization framework?

Not sure what to choose? Download our prioritization frameworks guide with questions, examples and useful links. Explore it in hi-res PNG, PDF or interactive Miro Board.