Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Prioritization can not only be ruined by the lack of a system. Dangers to proper decision-making are within the team: the opinion of the leader or overly expert opinions you can't argue with, or spontaneous decisions based on client requests. Find out some common management mistakes to avoid them in your team.

Seagull—a person who rushes into a problem without ascertaining the facts, gives orders with formulaic advice, and rushes away instead of working alongside the team.

  • High staff turnover and low morale.
  • Increased chances for heart diseases among employees.
How to handle:
  1. Set clear expectations—explore what is required of the employee, how their performance will be evaluated, and agree to work towards the goals.
  2. Communicate consistently—observe what employees say and do, and speak openly with them about their work.
  3. Give powerful feedback—pay careful attention to each employee’s performance and praise as frequently as you give constructive feedback.