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Build Alignment Around Priorities

· Ducalis.io is a fast and simple tool for collaborative prioritization.
· Get the big picture and check how your team understands it.
· Save dozens of hours on sync up meetings.
· Eliminate unnecessary work.
· Involve team in the decision-making process.

Goes great with your favorite Task Management Tool

No tool switching. No pain, only gain.
Connect the tracker, import and sync issues, users, sprints, and much more.

Less time on prioritizing—more on getting things done

Spend 20 minutes per week to keep your priorities straight.
Ducalis.io has a low learning curve—it is like spreadsheets, but optimized for issue evaluation, and blazing fast.
The UI brings the essentials into focus. Nothing interrupts the decision making—all necessary information is on a single screen.

Ultimate UI Speed

· The bird’s eye view on the backlog.
· Real-time issue sync.
· Immediate issue context loading.
· Criteria description at hand.
· Hotkeys for even faster evaluation.

"That’s just awesome how Ducalis showed us the difference in the team’s opinions. It’s already saved us hours on sprint planning as we can discuss only the areas of concern."

Max Krou, Technical Owner at SEMrush

Team Alignment Map: get diverse opinions

Prevent countless hours of unnecessary work.
Hear and listen to the diverse opinions of your team.
Increase meetings efficiency—discuss only what matters.
Understand on what topics team is aligned and on what not.
Developers polarized the estimates of development complexity? They will notice and discuss.
Product Managers have different opinions on how ideas impact your North Star Metric? Don't miss it.
Business Development team has scattered numbers of sales impact? Find out why.

"Issue context, criteria description, hotkeys—the evaluation is super fast and handy! I love the speed!"

Serge Borodenkov, Product Manager at RealtyCalendar

Create Your Own Prioritization Framework

"The prioritization of anything complex must be a collaborative process." by Sean Flaherty
Start with popular framework templates: RICE, REAN, WSJF, HEART, AARRR, MoSCoW etc. Add your team's goals, OKRs, and KPIs as evaluation criteria.

A decision-making mechanism for the entire company

· Evaluate and prioritize product features, blog posts, hypotheses, bugs, marketing tactics, etc.
· Involve the whole team and gather different views.
· Great for product managers, developers, marketers, cross-functional teams, and any.

Start prioritizing today

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