Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Prioritization can not only be ruined by the lack of a system. Dangers to proper decision-making are within the team: the opinion of the leader or overly expert opinions you can't argue with, or spontaneous decisions based on client requests. Find out some common management mistakes to avoid them in your team.

Highest Paid Person Opinion with the most power in the room whose opinion can’t be disputed. Other opinions and data can be ignored. In some cultures, people can be afraid to speak against the HiPPO.

  • Ignored strategy and roadmap.
  • Development cost increase.
  • Growth rate decrease.
  • Team productivity decrease.
How to handle:
  1. Challenge decisions not aligning with goals.
  2. Explain each decision and support with data.
  3. Involve everybody in the discussions and collect opinions.
  4. Focus on customer opinions and core values.
  5. Enable free data flow within the company.