Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next

Product Management

A product manager must consider all the various factors to grow the product: business goals, user requests, team resources. Deciding what's essential without a framework is long, painful, and improper. Use known models for effective decision making and roadmap building.

Buckets to sort features:
  • Metrics Movers—Improve key product metrics, e.g. AARRR.
  • Customer Requests—Requested by customers. Carve out the roadmap.
  • Delights—Based on insights in design/technology customers would love.
  • Strategic—Aligned with business values and goals.
When too few features in a bucket:
  • Brainstorm features fitting the empty bucket.
  • Think how competitors would exceed your product.
  • Ask teams about features you’re not building.
When too many features in a bucket:
  • Think if it was created to get work on the roadmap.
  • Think if the buckets could be rolled up into fewer ones.
  • Check if the buckets are too granular.