Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Prioritization frameworks are ready-made models that help you translate opinions into clear and precise criteria. Choose one that meets your team's goals, or develop your own criteria based on several of them.

How we prioritize Ducalis features inside Ducalis.

Values (Impact drivers):

  • Activation: Improves conversion rate for new users to understand the product.
  • Delight: How will the product delight customers? How many users want it? Make it more convenient.
  • Retention: How significant are the reasons to return to the product?
  • Acquisition: Helps us get new visitors per month. Virality, SEO, Word of Mouth
  • Reach: How many users (not companies) will use that feature:
  • Upgrades: Will provide more new ARR  (new trials, plan upgrades, or expansion sales).

Efforts (cost of development):

  • Front Time: Time for front-end development
  • Back Time: Time for back-end development
  • UX: Difficulty of describing and designing UX/UI