Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Learn how to prioritize correctly from the very beginning and save yourself a few common mistakes. Build a robust system, so you don't fail on misunderstandings or irregularity.

A written description of a product to give a development team overall guidance to the project architecture.

  1. Context and scope—rough overview of the landscape and what is being built.
  2. Goals and non-goals—bulleted list of requirements.
  3. Design—design overview and details.
  4. Alternatives—alternative designs that would’ve achieved similar outcomes.
  5. Cross-cutting concerns—how the design impacts security, privacy, observability.
  1. Creation; rapid iteration—write the doc, share with the project team, drive to a first stable version.
  2. Review—share and discuss with a wider range of colleagues.
  3. Implementation; iteration—begin implementation.
  4. Maintenance; learning—update the doc and re-read over time to find uncertainties.