Prioritization Notes

The best ideas on how to make a decision on what to do next


Never forget to nurture your backlog. Task storage doesn’t interfere—false. It drags the team’s efficiency down. Regular collaborative refinements and re-evaluation is the key to success.

Items review on the backlog to ensure it contains only appropriate ones.

Timing options:
  1. End sprint.
  2. Mid sprint.
  3. On an ad-hoc basis.
  1. Refresh what your roadmap and goals state for the product.
  2. Get relevant input from stakeholders.
  3. Prioritize the backlog and decide which stories must be discussed.
  4. Limit the meeting up to 45min with about 15min per story.
  5. Explain each story's relevance providing data.
  6. Decide if to work on or delete the stories.
  7. Send follow up notes to clear up any ambiguity on the decisions.
  8. Inform stakeholders of potential blockers and impact on timelines.
  9. Set-up break-out meetings to discuss big ticket items if needed.