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Ducalis Monthly Release Notes

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Meticulous Meerkat

Version from August 1, 2020

What’s New!🚀

Personal Notifications

Welcome your personal daily digest. You can now receive email reminders on the number of issues you have on Assessment Grids in all your boards. Evaluate issues regularly to keep the backlog neat and priorities straight. Learn how to customize personal notifications.

RICE by Default

To help you save even more time on initial set up and criteria consideration, we’ve made the RICE framework default in each new board. Import your to-dos and start evaluation straight away. You can change or delete the pre-set criteria if needed. More about criteria in Ducalis.

Templates Upgrade

Framework templates became more accessible and flexible. You can now apply them anytime and to any team. And more to come! We’re working on our library to make it better and more useful for you. Stay tuned.

Multi-team Users

Carry out several functions in your cross-functional team? We got you! Group criteria the way you feel works best, and add users to several teams to have more team-specific criteria for evaluation. More about users and teams.

Email Invitations

No more copy/pasting, sending, and losing the invitation links. Specify coworkers’ emails and invite them all to your organization with a single click. They will receive personal links in their inbox to register for the right place for collaboration. More about invitations and membership statuses.

Fast Input and Hotkeys

Blazing-fast evaluation guaranteed!

First, enable the Fast Input superpower and evaluate with single-digit scores—the focus will jump to the next cell automatically. As such, we’re preparing simplified frameworks for you to prioritize by familiar criteria faster. Don’t forget to check out our templates any day soon.

And then use hotkeys to move across the whole board to monitor all the essential screens without mouse-clicking. More about hotkeys and fast input.

Trello and Asana improvements

A little update on Asana and Trello! In Ducalis issue cards are now visible:

  • Trello labels, attachments, and check-lists.
  • Asana projects and sections.

Also, you can now import Asana tasks without projects with Ducalis issue filter.

And yet more and more improvements to come. Stick with us.

Fixed It!🛠️

  • Focus Mode won’t eat parts of the issues when you make it smaller.
  • All user lists update at once if you make changes in teams or criteria.
  • Assessment Grid wouldn’t sometimes let you evaluate even with a team assigned. How rude!
  • Table cell width is now predictable, and you can set it up as convenient.
  • Bullet lists on issue cards are bulletproof! Nothing to lose!
  • Assignee issue filter should show the person’s tasks as it supposed to.

Learn how to prioritize fast… And not to have problems with this buddy. He seems to be pretty serious.

*Meticulous Meerkat is a release name

Tenacious Tuatara

Version from July 1, 2020

What’s New!🚀

Three New Integrations

TA-DA! 🎉 Asana, Trello, and Yandex.Tracker are here to get your prioritization party started! Integration and issue import are super easy and fast! Don’t believe me? Jump in and try it yourself!

RICE Score

We’ve added one more formula where criteria don’t have weights; they fall into Value or Effort metrics—Values are multiplied, Efforts are divided. With the RICE score formula and customizable scores, you can now set up the original Intercom’s RICE in Ducalis. More about the formulas available.

Customizable Criteria Scores

Count to three and… obviously, go on counting if you need.

You can now set any number as well as percents as your evaluation scores. Set a number range or specify certain numbers, like Fibonacci or Exponential. Use positives and negatives to set up the KANO model. The setting is separate for each criterion. More about scores.

Ducalis Issue Filters

Board creation is now easier than ever. Filter your tasks and issues straight in Ducalis and create a board with a single click. No more problems with filter access status and visibility—everything can be set up within your Ducalis organization.


Prioritization works best when done together. With the Reports page, you can check who needs to keep up with the team’s prioritization flow and remind them that their opinion is vital. See how many tasks your teammates have for evaluation on the board, and send them funny email notifications.

Board Navigation and Evaluation Hotkeys

Could you imagine even faster prioritization? Don’t imagine—it’s already here for you! Switch between boards with a single mouse click and jump between cells with only one key. Everything for you to spend the least time possible prioritizing, and the most—achieving your goals. More about hotkeys.

Fixed It!🛠️

  • When Focus Mode is closed, you now land on the Assessment Grid.
  • What’s done is done, they say. But not scores in Focus Mode—you can now delete them.
  • Long email addresses could break all boundaries. Fixed the layout.
  • Top Priority stars appear on the Alignment page, too.
  • No unwanted characters in the score cell—only numbers.
  • Google Chrome sometimes thought that you want to use street names for scores. Disabled auto-fill for the Assessment Grid.
  • Trello tasks with long names will import without problems.
  • The checklist won’t open again after completion.
  • Long Asana project lists now look fine.

Brain Food📖

Use Magic for security instead of passwords. Click here to know how.

P.S. That’s tuatara in the pic above—tenacious, perceptive, and a bit sarcastic, you know! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*Tenacious Tuatara is a release name

Invincible Impala

Version from June 1, 2020

What’s New!🚀

Alignment Page

Prioritize and see how the team agrees on the priorities straight away. Ducalis highlights disagreements in scores, so you can discuss only the areas of concern and save hours on sprint planning meetings. Understanding your team alignment is easier than ever before.

Average Score

You can now choose a formula to calculate the Total Score—the usual Score Sum or the Average Score Sum. Average Score lets you see relevant Top Priorities regardless of the number of people who’ve evaluated the issues.

Rewarding Message Customization

Public appreciation is essential for building a weekly prioritization habit. Set a unique message your team will understand and like the most.

You’re now also able to deactivate Slack integration in case you don’t want to receive reminders.

Multiple Organizations

You can be a member of different organizations. Accept multiple invitation links to your colleagues’ organizations in Ducalis and switch between them in no time.

Board Setting Checklist

Created a board and not sure what to do next? We got your back! Complete our checklist, and be sure you didn’t forget anything.

Updated UI

We’ve rearranged the top bar for your convenience. Now you have ‘Board Settings’ under the board name and separate ‘Criteria,’ ’Users,’ and ‘Notifications’ just in front of you. Find anything you need in a moment.

Criteria templates

In case you’ve missed the news, we’ve added criteria from popular frameworks to kick start your prioritization. Add our template if you have no criteria set up. Move them easily between Common and Team-specific criteria.

Fixed It!🛠️

  • No more confusing stars on the Top Priorities screen if you didn’t evaluate any issue.
  • And no more dozens of inactive Jira users on your Top Priorities screen.
  • Fixed problems with pictures display.
  • A phantom criterion used to show up in your settings sometimes. We’ve sent him to the opera.
  • Deleted picture plugs that were out of place.
  • No issue will get into ‘Evaluated’ if it has a criterion without scores.
  • Boards should now connect faster.

Around the Corner!⏳

  • Asana and Trello integrations are almost on your doorstep! Stay tuned and visit the Live Demo to touch and feel how it will work.
  • Filter set up in Ducalis.
  • RICE formula.
  • New Score Scales: Fibonacci, Exponential, and others.
  • Fast board navigation.

How to set up webhooks?

P.S. That’s impala in the pic above—invincible and blazing fast like Ducalis!

*Invincible Impala is a release name

Vivacious Vicuña

Version from May 1, 2020

What’s New!🚀

Demo Ducalis is on!

You can now play around on your own and share it with your colleagues. No registration needed!

Feel free to blow this page up! 💣 https://demo.ducalis.io

Even more context!

Issue cards now display Epic name, the date of issue creation, and the number of sprints it went through.


You will now receive little notifications about a new version if we update while you’re evaluating.

"Ducalis is live!"

Said Slack and approved our app for you to trust us more. Now we are official Slack partners.

Fixed It!🛠️

  • Criteria description sometimes dropped, and images in the issue card disappeared. They no longer do so.
  • No more dozens of inactive Jira users on your Top Priorities screen.
  • Quotations and dividers now appear correctly in the issue card.
  • Sprint status wasn’t always correct. Now it is.
  • Teammates’ scores are now always displayed. Peep, but don’t copy.
  • Criteria are added and deleted with no errors.
  • Jira filters connection works like clocks.
  • Focus Mode won’t collapse anymore if you type numbers bigger than 3.

P.S. That’s vicuña in the pic above—vivacious, cheerful, and hearty, just like we!

*Vivacious Vicuña is a release name

  1. August 1, 2020 Meticulous Meerkat
  2. July 1, 2020 Tenacious Tuatara
  3. June 1, 2020 Invincible Impala
  4. May 1, 2020 Vivacious Vicuña

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