Hear the voice of your customers with Ducalis Voting Boards

Simple yet powerful tool for collecting your customer's feedback and feature suggestions by making your backlog public and interactive.

Be closer to your customers

Regardless of what exact prioritization frameworks your team utilizes, having a well-structured customer feedback is essential to make right product decisions. Of course the feedback alone can't be the only landmark, but by introducing Voting Boards we encourage the product teams to be more open to users' suggestions. We believe that both product and customer sides are finally in the same boat, because their own achievements depend on each other's success.

🙌 Works out of the box

Public roadmap

Share your backlog as an interactive board with creating, voting, and sorting features.

Collect votes for requests

Every user can 1 to 10 votes to each entity in the backlog expressing their willingness to prioritize this entity.

Inform customers about the upcoming changes

Enable automatic notifications for the engaged users about their requests' status changes.

Speaks your user' language

Automatically language detection for each visitor.

Slack integration

Be in loop with customers' request. Follow the beat of new upvotes.

Customize look & feel

Make a voting board a part of your brand. Use your domain name, colors, logos, etc.

Loginless path for your audience

Reduce hustle for your users. No need to signup again if they visit a voting board from your app.


Voting optimized for mobile users.

Make Informed Product Decisions

By involving your customers and teammates into the backlog prioritizing and building your roadmap together.

🙌 Remove gap between customer needs and backlog ideas

Merge customers' requests with your task tracker's backlog. Launch the direct flow of winning users' suggestions into your task prioritization tool.

Native real-time sync with popular task trackers.


Get access to Ducalis Voting Boards

Due to voting boards are invite-only, we need to make sure you'll get the most out of Ducalis Voting boards.