Microsoft To-Do Priority w/

Microsoft To-Do is a great for product management and development! But sometimes it's a bit challenging to manage priorities with default priority fields.

How to manage and prioritize tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Sync Microsoft To-Do backlog in a few clicks

Sync up Microsoft To-Do the whole backlog or particular tasks with Ducalis prioritization board. Forget manual filling-in or using spreadsheets for prioritization. It will be always up to date.

Microsoft To-Do w/ RICE, ICE, WSJF, MoSCoW, Eisenhower Matrix...

Manage your Microsoft To-Do backlog with RICE, MoSCoW, Eisenhower Matrix, ICE, WSJF, REAN, Impact / Urgency matrix, or any other prioritization framework, or create your own criteria—significant for your business goals.

Microsoft To-Do <> Ducalis Two-Way Priority Sync

Sync Ducalis prioritization results into Microsoft To-Do custom field — make priorities clear to anyone on the projects. Order tasks by priority in Microsoft To-Do board.