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Understand priorities across all your Asana Projects and Tasks.

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Get the Missing Priority Section for Asana

Asana is a great productivity tool! But it's a bit challenging to manage priorities. empowers Asana for a better understanding of the team's priorities.
We've noticed the most frequent requests around priorities.

Seems crazy that Asana will not let you set a priority rating on a task.


Clicking the “Priority” header on a custom report does not sort the tasks by priority.


We are currently not happy with Asana, we need an improvement for prioritizing features.


The Big Picture of Important Tasks

Being able to sort by Priority in the My Tasks section is a critical feature for us using Asana in an agile-esque manner.


Sorting by Due Date is nice, but I would like to be able to filter by Priority as well.


You can certainly move your tasks and prioritize them depending on how important they are. In your My tasks list, you’ll need to sort your tasks by None and then you’ll be able to drag and drop your tasks.


This is actually quite common in many project management systems, assigning a “high”, “medium”, or “low” priority. Asana is strange (IMHO) in that they consider “priority” settings to be: “today”, “upcoming”, and “later”

· Get a sorted list of important tasks within or sync with Asana.
· You decide which projects to prioritize and how.
· Scale the Big Picture to each individual, your team, or the whole company.

Apply any Prioritization Framework

Yea we track RICE prioritization in Asana, and would really like to sort by score.


I have two custom fields Impact and Urgency[1,2], and I want to be able to calculate a Priority field from the two without having to manually set it.

· Prioritize your Asana tasks with RICE, ICE, or any other framework, or build your own—significant for you only.
· Customize the evaluation criteria to fit your goals.
· Make criteria common for all teammates or assign specific criteria to specific roles.

Involve the Whole Team in Prioritization Decisions

Prioritize the most important tasks while still informing others that they could expect farther out completion dates for low-priority items.


... having a hard time prioritizing ourselves across so many teams / projects / tasks.

· Create Prioritization boards for any type of project.
· Collect diverse opinions from different purviews.
· Align each teammate with the company's priorities.

Asana <> Two-Way Sync

How are you prioritizing tasks in Asana and how are you displaying the priority? Custom fields? Tags? Sections? I’m trying to prioritize my tasks and my teams tasks as well.

Don't clutter Asana with a bunch of custom fields for the prioritization only.
How it works:
1. Use Asana for project management as usual.
2. Choose which tasks, ideas, bugs, projects you want to prioritize.
3. Import them to Ducalis.
4. Choose an inbuilt prioritization framework or set up your own.
5. Match the team roles with the evaluation criteria.
6. Evaluate, prioritize, check the team's alignment.
7. Sync Ducalis prioritization results with Asana.

Prioritize Across Multiple Task Trackers

Using multiple task trackers? Sync them all with Ducalis.

Start prioritizing today

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